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laura de la cruz
Laura De La Cruz & Joker

Every two weeks we share information for dog owners whose dogs are part of the family, a loved and valued member of the family. We discuss all things dog – from puppies to seniors, feeding, training, care, dog sports and more! We also will do a book review and product review – based on what our dogs think!

Laura De La Cruz has been involved with dogs for fifteen years, performing in obedience, rally, trick dog and herding. She has put more than 225 titles on her dogs and others. Her primary focus is herding – she trains dogs and people, trials dogs and judges herding competitions for both AKC and AHBA. Laura has published more than 50 dog-related books and is an Amazon best-seller!

Laura lives a quiet life in Southern New Mexico where she enjoys the occasional stout beer, reading, writing, and wearing comfortable shoes.