Episode 007: Choosing a Vet

Episode 007: Choosing a Vet

Episode 007: Choosing a Vet
Selecting a vet for your dog can be a huge undertaking.  Often you are unsure where to go, what to do and how to look.  Join us for guidance on making this difficult but important decision. 

Book Review:

Cornell University Resource – available at Animal Health Resource

The review for this week isn’t of a book, but instead of a website.  The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine offers a list of excellent resources (as well as suggestions on how to evaluate a website) that can help with vet treatment for your dog.


Product Review:

Pet Insurance – available at PetInsurance

The product review this week is on pet insurance.  Pet insurance can be invaluable in helping to prevent financial hardships when treating your dog.  Prices and services vary but Life’s Abundance offers excellent pet insurance through Hartville.   Scroll to the bottom of the page (link above) and click the link for pet insurance (under products).http://leashup.libsyn.com/episode-07-choosing-a-vet