Episode 14: Dog Parks – To Go Or Not To Go!

Episode 14: Dog Parks – To Go Or Not To Go!

Episode 14: Dog Parks – To Go Or Not To Go!
You are thinking about taking your new bestie to a dog park.  What do you need to know before you go?  What should you prepare for?  Is your ready for the park?  Are you?  We discuss all the things you should consider before heading out to the park!

Book Review:

“The Other End of the Leash” by Patricia B. McConnell – (link)

Image result for The Other End of the Leash” by Patricia B. McConnell

The Other End of the Leash shares a revolutionary, new perspective on our relationship with dogs, focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of dogs. An applied animal behaviorist and dog trainer with more than twenty years experience, Dr. Patricia McConnell looks at humans as just another interesting species, and muses about why we behave the way we do around our dogs, how dogs might interpret our behavior, and how to interact with our dogs in ways that bring out the best in our four-legged friends. 

The Other End of the Leash demonstrates how even the slightest changes in your voice and the way you stand can help your dog understand what you want. Once you start to think about your own behavior from the perspective of your dog, you’ll understand why much of what appears to be doggy-disobedience is simply a case of miscommunication. Inside you will learn
• How to use your voice so that your dog is more likely to do what you ask.
• Why “getting dominance” over your dog is a bad idea.
• Why “rough and tumble primate play” can lead to trouble–and how to play with your dog in ways that are fun and keep him out of trouble.
• How dogs and humans share personality types–and why most dogs want to live with benevolent leaders rather than “alphawannabees!”

Product Review –  FurDry by Furminator – (link)

A uniquely designed dog towel!

  • Protects furniture, rugs and auto upholstery
  • Great for wet weather, use after a bath, swim in the pool or a day at the lake
  • Reduces wet dog smell
  • Features Microfiber technology that rapidly draws water away from the dog’s coat
  • Thicker than most leading brands
  • Velcro straps enable quick, simple application and adjustment
  • Professional design keeps FUR Dry snug and secure