Episode 16 Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Episode 16 Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Episode 16 – Freeze-Dried Dog Food
What are the pros and cons of feeding freeze-dried dog food?  In many cases, the pros of using freeze-dried will far outweigh the cons (which really is only cost as it is slightly higher than kibble or canned).  Perfect for traveling, great in case of emergency, essential for those who struggle to lift bags or cases of dog food, freeze-dried dog food may be the perfect choice for your bestie!

Check out the Facebook Live video from Aug 7, 2017 at 2:30am where I conduct a taste-test of Grandma Lucy’s Macanna Beef dog food. (link)

Book Review:

“Leash Up and Dig In” by Laura De La Cruz – (link)

Your dog is part of your family – shouldn’t he/she eat as well as you do? This journal is the first of many that provides you with fun recipes (treats in this journal) for you to make for your dog. After you make them, you can write down your results: Did your dog like them? Were they easy to make? Did you make any changes or modifications? Did you come up with your own recipe? How many “paws” does it get? Here’s a fun way to cook for your furriest family member!


Product Review – Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Here’s some quick info on Grandma Lucy’s:

  • Grandma Lucy’s specializes in freeze-dried pet foods that are moisture sensitive and rehydrate within minutes.
  • A bag of freeze-dried food expands to about 5 times its size.
  • Their freeze-drying technology helps retain the flavor, smell, and consistency of their high-quality ingredients.
  • Since the company’s inception in 1999, Grandma Lucy’s has been family owned and operated while being proudly made in the USA.
  • Products are made from the highest quality USDA inspected and approved ingredients.
  • They’re All Natural, GMO-Free, have No Added Hormones, No By-Products, No Preservatives, & feature Antibiotic Free Meats.
  • their products are made with Human-Grade Ingredients.
  • All their food and most of their treats are Grain-Free. Excludes Organic Baked Treats.
  • Zero recalls in the 18 years they have been in business.

Grandma Lucy’s is also taking initiative within the community to help dogs in need. They introduced #ProjectPetRAK as a way to give back. As they say, “It is our passion to give pets the healthiest life possible regardless of where or how they live. We partner with rescues, shelters, and charities nationwide through this program.”  For every Random Act of Kindness (RAK) people complete benefiting pets, they donate a pound of food to their monthly partner.

Website: www.grandmalucys.com

YouTube Channel for informative videos:  www.youtube.com/grandmalucys

Blog! https://www.grandmalucys.com/blogs/news