Episode 008: Separation Anxiety Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety.  This typically happens right after being left alone and symptoms can range from mild (restlessness) to extreme (trying to escape).  Join us for tips and suggestions for managing this difficult problem. Book Review: “Lad of Sunnybank”  by Albert Payson Terhune – (Amazon Link) A classic collection of tales concerning Lad the grand collie. Stories of courage and loyalty in the face of danger. Albert Payson Terhune is famous for his stories of brave and unique dogs.   Product Review: Rescue Remedy – available at Amazon and other major supermarkets. What is RESCUE Remedy? Trusted for generations, RESCUERead More →

Episode 007: Choosing a Vet Selecting a vet for your dog can be a huge undertaking.  Often you are unsure where to go, what to do and how to look.  Join us for guidance on making this difficult but important decision.  Book Review: Cornell University Resource – available at Animal Health Resource The review for this week isn’t of a book, but instead of a website.  The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine offers a list of excellent resources (as well as suggestions on how to evaluate a website) that can help with vet treatment for your dog.   Product Review: Pet Insurance – available at PetInsuranceRead More →

Episode 006: The Family Dog Join us as we review the top 10 best dogs for families!  We look at 3 different sites and discuss the various breeds listed. Book Review: “Down from the Mountain” by Jim MacKrell (Amazon link) Down from the Mountain is being hailed as one of the best Dog Stories of our time. Set in the mountains of Montana this is the story of the bravery and loyalty of Bandit, an Australian Shepherd who is raised by the wolf Sheena. A gripping adventure that will keep the pages turning. Through tears and sorrow this great dog returns to his home toRead More →

Herding is my favorite dog sport! There is nothing quite like the thrill of developing a true partnership with your dog, performing a job that has been done by people and dogs for hundreds of years. In today’s busy city life, having the chance to get out to the country to work stock can be therapeutic for you and your dog. Just be sure to get a good trainer! Book review: “Aussie Herding: Interviews with Top Australian Shepherd Stockdog Trainers” Link: https://www.amazon.com/Aussie-Herding-Interviews-Australian-Shepherd-ebook/dp/B00LCQHSP6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490709380&sr=8-1&keywords=aussie+herding+de+la+cruz Aussie Herding provides interviews with some of the top Australian Shepherd herding trainers in the U.S. Read what they have to say aboutRead More →

Summer is coming and travel plans are being made!  Traveling with your dog can be very enjoyable.  Listen to this Podcast for tips for traveling with your dog and make the best of your trip. Traveling with your dog can be a glorious time, but it makes sense to be prepared. Take time before you go to listen to this Podcast for tips and suggestions on making the most of your vacation. Book review: The Dogs of Bedlam Farm: An Adventure with Sixten Sheep, Three Dogs, Two Donkeys, and Me By Jon Katz. Link When Jon Katz adopted a border collie named Orson, his wholeRead More →

Losing a dog can be heart-breaking. Often we feel isolated or ridiculed when grieving the loss of our best friend. In this Episode we talk about how normal this grieving process is and ways to manage your grief. Book review: Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean  Amazon Link “One of the most acclaimed nonfiction books of 2011, Susan Orlean’s New York Times bestseller Rin Tin Tin is “an unforgettable book about the mutual devotion between one man and one dog” (The Wall Street Journal). He believed the dog was immortal. So begins Susan Orlean’s sweeping, powerfully moving account of Rin Tin Tin’s journey from abandonedRead More →

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4999961/height/90/width/450/theme/custom/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/daa520/” height=”90″ width=”450″] Episode 002: “Hiring a Pet Sitter” – In this episode we talk about hiring a pet sitter. What do you look for, questions to ask, information to provide and preparing an emergency plan. The book review is on “101 Dog Tricks” by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy and the product review is on BowWow Blends Power Smoothies for Dogs (www.bowwowblends.com). And please, subscribe and then rate/review! Download MP3Read More →

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4999627/height/90/width/450/theme/custom/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/daa520/” height=”90″ width=”450″] Episode 001: “Picking a Puppy or a Dog” – In this episode we talk about picking a puppy or a dog. In particular, how to select the right puppy/dog that will become a member of your family. The book review is on “Stockdog Ramblings” by Dana Mackenzie and the product review is on Life’s Abundance Training Treats (www.myhealthyk9.com). And please, subscribe and then rate/review! Download MP3Read More →

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4993776/height/90/width/450/theme/custom/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/daa520/” height=”90″ width=”450″] Episode 000: In this episode I explain who I am, what is the Leash Up Podcast and describe the formatting and scheduling. Be sure to look for the Leash Up books on Amazon and through other major booksellers. And please, subscribe. Download MP3Read More →