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Episode 006: The Family Dog

“Down from the Mountain” by Jim MacKrell

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Down from the Mountain is being hailed as one of the best Dog Stories of our time. Set in the mountains of Montana this is the story of the bravery and loyalty of Bandit, an Australian Shepherd who is raised by the wolf Sheena. A gripping adventure that will keep the pages turning. Through tears and sorrow this great dog returns to his home to be the protector of everything the Shepherd has. Bandit is an Adventure, Love Story and Action novel all wrapped up into one.


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A wacky, unpredictable bouncing action that dogs love.  Uneven surface massages teeth and gums, helping to keep teeth clean and plaque free.


Episode 005: Herding with your dog

Aussie Herding by Laura De La Cruz“Aussie Herding: Interviews with Top Australian Shepherd Stockdog Trainers” by Laura De La Cruz

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Aussie Herding provides interviews with some of the top Australian Shepherd herding trainers in the U.S. Read what they have to say about training an Aussie for herding and competing. A great resource for those with Australian Shepherds who are just starting in herding or those that have years of experience. A herding clinic in a book, this volume offers a wealth of information. Trainers interviewed include: Elsie Rhodes, Trudy Viklund, Marti Parish, Dana Mackenzie, Robyn Johnson-Garrett, Devona Myrick and Bob Myrick. This book is a great addition to any herding enthusiast’s library.

Ray Allen 64 oz Buddy Bowl

Spill-Proof Water Bowl. 64 Ounce Capacity. Ideal for Travel. Made in the USA! Link

Episode 004: Traveling with your Dog

The Dogs of Bedlam FarmThe Dogs of Bedlam Farm: An Adventure with Sixten Sheep, Three Dogs, Two Donkeys, and Me By Jon Katz.

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When Jon Katz adopted a border collie named Orson, his whole world changed. Gone were the two yellow Labs he wrote about in A Dog Year, as was the mountaintop cabin they loved. Katz moved into an old farmhouse on forty-two acres of pasture and woods with a menagerie: a ram named Nesbitt, fifteen ewes, a lonely donkey named Carol, a baby donkey named Fanny, and three border collies.

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm recounts a harrowing winter Katz spent on a remote, windswept hillside in upstate New York with a few life-saving friends, ugly ghosts from the past, and more livestock than any novice should attempt to manage. Heartwarming, and full of drama, insight, and hard-won wisdom, it is the story of his several dogs forced Katz to confront his sense of humanity, and how he learned the places a dog could lead him and the ways a doge could change him.

Polkadog Cod Skins

Cod Skins $10.99
Description: At Polkadog Bakery, we’re all about locally-sourced, made-in-the-usa, limited ingredient natural dog treats. Our super duper Cod Skins are no exception. The Cod we use to make these crunchy sticks is wild caught in season by local fishermen on small boats in Alaska. We hand-roll and slowly dehydrate each skin in our Boston kitchen to create this savory, healthy treat. Single Ingredient Treat Cod Sourced in United States
Cod skins
Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min) 70%, Crude Fat (Min) 2%,
Crude Fiber (Max) 0%, Moisture (Max) 10%

Episode 003: “Losing Your Dog”

Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean

Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean

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“One of the most acclaimed nonfiction books of 2011, Susan Orlean’s New York Times bestseller Rin Tin Tin is “an unforgettable book about the mutual devotion between one man and one dog” (The Wall Street Journal).

He believed the dog was immortal. So begins Susan Orlean’s sweeping, powerfully moving account of Rin Tin Tin’s journey from abandoned puppy to movie star and international icon. Spanning almost one hundred years of history, from the dog’s improbable discovery on a battlefield in 1918 to his tumultuous rise through Hollywood and beyond, Rin Tin Tin is a love story about “the mutual devotion between one man and one dog” (The Wall Street Journal) that is also a quintessentially American story of reinvention, a captivating exploration of our spiritual bond with animals, and a stirring meditation on mortality and immortality.”

FiRM UP! Original Pumpkin Super Supplement

Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Supplement

Diggin Your Dog’s Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Supplement for digestive tract support in dogs and cats. 100% USA product. Link:


Episode 002: “Hiring a Pet Sitter”

101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy

Link: Amazon   Barnes & Noble

International bestseller in 18 languages with over a half-million copies sold worldwide! This beautifully designed book features step-by-step instructions with easy to follow color photos of each step. Each trick is rated with a difficulty rating and prerequisites to get you started quickly. Tips and trouble-shooting boxes cover common problems, while “build-on” ideas suggest more complicated tricks which build on each new skill. Tricks range from simple ones like Sit, Shake Hands, Fetch, and Roll Over, to extraordinary ones like Tidy Up Your Toys into the Toybox, and Get a Soda from the Fridge. Millions of people have found success with Kyra Sundance’s step-by-step techniques and you can too. Trick training will help you bond with your dog and integrate him into your family.

Bow Wow Blends Smoothies For Dogs!BowWow Blends Power Smoothies for Dogs

Shipping currently available to Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon & Texas. Serving suggestion is to pour 1 to 4 oz. over food or freeze in an ice cube tray for a tasty cold treat! Bow Wow Blends has a shelf life of 18 months but once opened, needs to be refrigerated. There are absolutely no preservatives added and no thickening agents like guar gum so product needs to be shaken before opened. ​People consume smoothies, to get extra added nutrients so why shouldn’t your dog? Bow Wow Blends is a great dog treat served frozen or on your dog’s food.

We take pride in our product, what we feed our pets and where it comes from. ​Bow Wow Blends is made in the USA as is the BPA-FREE bottle and lid. Healthy ingredients are sourced from USA, except for the bananas, we couldn’t find bananas grown in this country.


Episode 001: “Hiring a Pet Sitter”

Stock Dog Ramblings by Dana Mackenzie

Link: Amazon
A glimpse into the history of working Australian Shepherd dogs and their owners. In February of 2015 Dana Mackenzie accepted a challenge. The challenge was to post pictures for 5 days, so she thought she would head into the past! Five days of photos turned into a year of storytelling, recalling past and present Australian Shepherd stock dogs and their owners. Many treasured photos were also shared and people who love these dogs begged for more. The birth of this collection of timeless stories was born and the history of the working Australian Shepherd has been captured thanks to Dana Mackensie and her astounding love and dedication to the Aussies whom she has met over the years!


Life’s Abundance Tasty Rewards Natural Training Treats

Good behavior should be rewarded, but often training treats are empty-calorie treats with no nutritive value and include undesirable ingredients. At Life’s Abundance, we strongly believe that you should only feed treats that can help to support overall health. Tasty Rewards are wholesome nutritional training treats made from New Zealand-raised chicken and lamb. They’re loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. And, like all of our foods, supplements and treats, you’ll find no added artificial preservatives or colors. With Tasty Rewards Training Treats, discipline can be delicious!


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